The lines of

Consolidation on the Italian market...

  • Through the strengthening and development of its commercial relations with member clients, wholesalers, third-party operators in general and end customers.

  • Offering small and medium-sized sales companies and industrial clients not only competitiveness in gas supply, but also consulting that makes it possible to understand the complexities of the market with greater clarity.

  • Consolidating its presence in trading on the principal gas exchange platforms, in particular PSV, PB-Gas and the future Italian Gas Exchange.

…and on the European market

  • Guaranteeing and developing its commercial relations and financial accreditation in the major European hubs, especially Austrian VTP, NetConnect Germany (NCG) and Title Transfer Facility (TTF).

Transport and storage efficiency and capacity

  • Optimize and dynamically manage the transport and gas modulation capacity both at national and international level.

Financial accreditation

  • Consolidation of the company’s financial position to enhance its accreditation and reliability on the market.

Risk Management

  • Monitoring of portfolio risk positions

  • Assessment of formula and commodity risk, identification of the financial contracts necessary for coverages.