The Activities

En.Tra. holds the transport rights on the Austrian methane pipeline that imports gas to Italy (TAG). The company has access to the European gas hubs and is able to procure supplies in a diversified, competitive manner.

Thanks to the contracts signed with the major operators, En.Tra. also has a storage capacity portfolio with different modulation characteristics, able to meet the daily and seasonal trends of demand.

En.Tra.’s current size allows it access to the spot market for natural gas as an independent operator. This way the company is free from multi-year supply contracts, historically linked to oil prices that in recent years have proved to be more costly than short-term contracts.

The company’s good economic and financial performance in the past few years has enabled it to consolidate its capital structure. En.Tra. is reliable not only due to its commercial relations connected with its characteristic activity but also due to its capitalization, and therefore enjoys high standing in the financial sector.

How we operate